Dinner menu for today!
- Pizzette with onion confit and balsamic vinegar.
Main dish:
- Prime rib with sauteed broccolini.
- Pizza with mushroom for the little one.
- Lava cake.
Might be posting pictures if I don't get too much stressed with baking all of these 👨‍🍳


Belly full, no pictures 🤷‍♂️.
Lessons learned:
1) If you go to the supermarket, bring more than the ingredient you are going for. But put it on the list as well, or you will bring everything else but the thing you went for.
2) Leave the lava cake less time in the oven, center was moist but not runny. Still very very eatable.
3) Three course meal is not that hard, as long as prep is done in advance and cook simple but with very good ingredients.
Happy Valentine's!

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