Long thread - 10 years in The Netherlands. 

Precisely 10 years ago, 24th of June 2010, I was landing at Schiphol airport in The Netherlands with a friend, in what would be my first time living abroad.
Leaving my girlfriend back in Portugal, with a promise of a better life for us, carrying some small savings on my pocket, a very tiny appartment for both of us, and a job waiting for me, life seemed promising.


Long thread - 10 years in The Netherlands. 

Lunches were weird for me in the beginning. Sandwiches, some vegetables, spreads and drinks was not the pampering I was used to, which was going to restaurants and eating a whole meal for 5 euros. This sandwich lunch was offered by the company at the time, which for someone who is living on a tight budget is a life saver, so I didn't think too much about it and kind of forced me to learn proper cooking later on in my life as well.

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