Long thread - 10 years in The Netherlands. 

Precisely 10 years ago, 24th of June 2010, I was landing at Schiphol airport in The Netherlands with a friend, in what would be my first time living abroad.
Leaving my girlfriend back in Portugal, with a promise of a better life for us, carrying some small savings on my pocket, a very tiny appartment for both of us, and a job waiting for me, life seemed promising.


Long thread - 10 years in The Netherlands. 

The Queens (now Kings) day, Gay parade, Amsterdam Dance Event, Jazz in the VondelPark every Saturday afternoon during the spring and summer, museum night where you can visit almost every museum in Amsterdam for free, plus fun activities outside, the light festival... Discovered pirate radio station, hackerspaces, film exhibitions in squatted places, a somewhat underground gay bar, tried some drugs, and met lots of good people and friends along the way.

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