Long thread - 10 years in The Netherlands. 

Precisely 10 years ago, 24th of June 2010, I was landing at Schiphol airport in The Netherlands with a friend, in what would be my first time living abroad.
Leaving my girlfriend back in Portugal, with a promise of a better life for us, carrying some small savings on my pocket, a very tiny appartment for both of us, and a job waiting for me, life seemed promising.


Long thread - 10 years in The Netherlands. 

Support for families.
I have never imagined starting my own family until I moved here.
Families have lot of support since the woman is pregnant until the children are 18 years old.
There is lot of social security support in terms of public services like schools and libraries are all for free.
Although each adult pays around 100 euros per month for the basic health insurance, the healthcare infrastructure are modern and efficient.

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