I run a single userinstance federated with a couple of instances - I have currently about 80G on the media folder data. I trim data older than 2 days. Is this normal? Any tips to keep this amount of storage used by mastodon under control?

@dnegreira no, that seems excessive, look into the command:

tootctl media remove_orphans

@tyr Thanks for that will add to a weekly schedule, but it only removed about 1G of data, still have tons of media though.

@dnegreira i also run these daily:

bin/tootctl media remove
bin/tootctl preview_cards remove
bin/tootctl statuses remove

@tyr Whoa, removing the preview_cards saved around 12.5G, but I am still at a total of 65G which I still find a bit excessive for a single instance. Maybe it is because I am on a couple of relays and media data just pours in... still weird though.

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