Meat, #bbq, help? 

Anyone smoking pulled pork around the fediverse?
I have a huge piece of shoulder, around 5.7kgs (~12 pounds), it is in the smoker for 18 hours now, cooking at steady temperature between 100-120c (212-250F) and has now an internal temp of 81C (~178F), rising very slowly.

I feel like this stall is taking -ages- now, waiting for the piece to rise to the 95C (203F) internal temp.

I feel tempted to just wrap it or crank the heat up.

Shall I continue to wait or crank temp/foil it?


Meat, #bbq, help? 

Ended up upping the temps a bit, ot started to raise the temperature of the shoulder quicker, although a bit slower than what I wanted, patience is key when dealing with sich a big piece and slow cookong timea... result after 20h is the most delicious pulled pork I have ever made.

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