Just found out that MF DOOM died on October 31st of last year, and the family just announced it now, he was 49.

Still baffled by this, not only due to the delayed announcement, which the family has all the right to do in order to mourn in peace, but I think that dying at that age is just hitting me with the fact that he was not that much older than me, is feeling different somehowm, more gloomy, nostalgious, idk how to explain it.

Maybe because I have just recently discovered him and have been listening to him a lot, but those feelings are most probably due to my current age and family situation where so much is depending on me and I still have so much plans to bring to life that it got me thinking that life is indeed short(er).

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Anyway here is a small sample of what this ingenious artist has left us all to appreciate, RIP. youtu.be/ewc1hixzYPY

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