Another bunch of hours around the solder fume extractor project.
Been looking at Youtube tutorials for FreeCAD the last few days and tonight I've put aside some hours to practice what I have been watching.
I am quite happy with the result, managed to learn a lot of new things, and making the designs 'mathematically correct' gives me the good feels.
Changed my design to hold the fan to a 'round' design, as this way the flow will be free.


You can see the current iteration, which is definitely not the last one.
Some improvement needed on the holder part right in front of the cage of the fan and need to start thinking how will I attach the fan grill and the carbon filter there.

(you need to zoom out to see it)

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@dnegreira Nice design. If you use the stable release 0.18 and having trouble with it the development version 0.19 is a big upgrade.

Thanks! I indeed noticed the casual crash with 0.18 when I was fiddling with some options there but not too annoying fortunately, might start and use 0.19 if it becomes really bad, but for the time being it works fine.

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