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Hello Fediverse!

I am currently preparing material for my potential bachelor thesis in communication design. I'm looking for info on open source usage or workflow in the design industry (but basically everything none-Adobe). I know of David Revoy's book project and would love to hear about more experiences. If you have any yourself or any material at hand (blogs, videos, papers, etc.) I'd be happy if you could send it my way. 😊 ❤️

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@Lyrilith Hi There, I am not 100% sure if this is what you are looking for, but the Canonical web and design team runs a series o blogposts related to design ubuntu.com/blog/topics/design

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@dnegreira @Pedro At first glance it seems he's doing what I'd like to. :D I'll check out his work. Thanks!

@Lyrilith @dnegreira

oh name dropping like this Mr. David : p well that website is not being updated for many years : / missing a couple of projects

also check (Backstage has some info on the workflow) portucalio.com/blog/

and I currently work at @CollaboraOffice

@dnegreira Thank you! My focus will probably be more in the area of print, but I'll look into it. :) Right now all input is good. 👍

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