Its the that time of the year again, when the otherwise green/grey fields of The Netherlands get filled with bright colorful tulips.

"Ever tried to find the data on a mysterious LCD controller that’s kicking around in your parts bin? Well check out this list of various LCD controllers that [Achim] has put together."

A Handy Reference for Display Drivers and LCD Controllers

Everytime I look at the weather apps in NL I always remember the scene from Back To The Future 2, right after they land on the future and Doc precisely predicts that its gonna stop raining on the second by looking at his watch.

Daddy's cookin'for the family dinner today. Gonna cook these big bois after marinating them with soy sauce, mirin, sugar, roasted peanut oil and green onions. After marinating, I will pan fry them gonna serve them on top of white rice. I've been discovering and playing more with asiatic flavours lately to vary a bit from the mediterranic ones and been enjoying it very much so far! I am thinking on trying to cook some chashu and make proper tonkotsu ramen as soon as the days get a bit colder...

Making sure to soak up the last days of sun while discovering new things while walking through the forest.

raw meat, bbq 

Today's lunch in three parts😋 Picanha is my favourite meat to grill on the bbq, its easy, not too expensive and super delicious. Onwards to strawberries as desert and enjoy the sunny filled saturday!

Big boi became big and got separated into three little bois. dough is done, tomorrow is time to prep, cook and eat. 🍕

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Now we wait and let the yeasties do their work for this little boi to become a big boi.

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Who called it romanesco and not fiboroccoli!?

We found this good looking gem on the farmers market. First time I have eaten this psychedelic looking vegetable, besides stunningly beautiful, it is super delicious and a nice variation of the usual veggies.

Scheduling a visit to a local gym with the family I am "greeted" by this message saying thank you for scheduling...

Does this image mean that they are gonna beat my ass as soon as I arrive on site? Kind of worried, send help.

Back to my schedule consistency, waking up at 6:30, swimming pool at 7:00. 💪🏊‍♂️

Swam 1km in 30 minutes again after a loooong break, and I can definitely do better. Next goals are to increase distance and time. I Feel like I need new swimming gear, my regular beach shorts are probably too heavy and are slowing me down. Maybe they can be good as a Goku style way of training lol.


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