Everytime I look at the weather apps in NL I always remember the scene from Back To The Future 2, right after they land on the future and Doc precisely predicts that its gonna stop raining on the second by looking at his watch.

Daddy's cookin'for the family dinner today. Gonna cook these big bois after marinating them with soy sauce, mirin, sugar, roasted peanut oil and green onions. After marinating, I will pan fry them gonna serve them on top of white rice. I've been discovering and playing more with asiatic flavours lately to vary a bit from the mediterranic ones and been enjoying it very much so far! I am thinking on trying to cook some chashu and make proper tonkotsu ramen as soon as the days get a bit colder...

Making sure to soak up the last days of sun while discovering new things while walking through the forest.

@Gina That's a good friend right there, happy b'day! πŸŽ‰

Just bit the bullet and went out to get some fresh air. Feels like spring for 27 minutes and off into autumn for 45, and back into spring again. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Booked my 2021 vacations. Hope things are back to normal by then and we can enjoy some swimming, beach and recharge time.

As I continue my journey with Olympic Weightlifting after years of barely doing any demanding physical activity, I find that some parts of my body hurts constantly, depending on the training session.

Sometimes it hurts to lift my kids, sometimes to pick up something from the floor, other times just doing certain movements hurts.

I do see the improvements as I slowly feel stronger and can lift a tad bit heavier on my training sessions.

But damn, being constantly in pain is annoying.

Portuguese Covid tracking app rant 

How can one minimally trust that our privacy is secure when the government cannot even launch a wordpress site properly?

The Portuguese government wants somehow to show off that they are modern, by sharing the app code after much pressure, but they are constantly shooting themselves in the foot, they dont know how to deal with IT at a governmental level, and this shows, and makes me sad.

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Portuguese Covid tracking app rant 

So, it seems that the website for the tracking application redirects to the wordpress login page, you can verify this now @ stayawaycovid.pt

There have been lots of pushback as the code was also published and raised many many concerns over its security specially private data sharing with apple / google. You can see the issues raised on the official github of the app here: github.com/stayawayinesctec/st

@sir pihole helped me (and the fam) a lot not to get spammed so much by ads. pi-hole.net/

Nah, got more gains to make this year! πŸ’ͺ Also there is still so much to do to improve things around me and that I can influence that I cannot skip a single day for it, gotta keep it exciting till the end and make things good for oneself!

FWIW I really enjoyed the podcast where you guys spoke about the tune you made, milkytracker and a bit of chiptune history, it ended up making me groove the rest of my workday hearing more chiptunes.

I am now addicted to guanciale. Making every dish as an excuse to use this Italian delicacy.

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