I've just re-read and saw the one-time-lifelong, afaik linuxacademy doesnt have that option. Maybe take a couple certifications to use the budget?

I would guess because they are known frameworks that lots of programmers understand and its easier to onboard someone, even a freelancer or consulting company to start developing on it.

Found this gem and wanted to share: The Architecture of Open Source Applications.
Deep dive on the design and architecture of some of the most famous and used open source software. aosabook.org/en/index.html

@sir I am cheating, this one has 57k views youtube.com/watch?v=ewrhbvXlAA He is also the creator of Sechi, where some of his cartoons use this music.

Yeah that will make a huge difference. The ones that show in the video are definitely roasted, check the burning marks in the shell.

How are you baking them? Usually I make a small cut on top of the chestnuts and throw them in the oven for 30 minutes and they don't become soft like the ones you are showing.

Think I will try it as well as I have never made it. Make sure to not take a shortcut for the beef stock by buying it on a shop, take the time to make it as well even though its a process that takes lots of hours cooking, but well worth the wait and end result.

twitch scandal, life objective. 

We NEED to regain back control over our data and what we produce and share with the world.
I think I want to pursue this as a life objective, I've been thinking about this for the past few months, and these hints I've been seeing lately, like the twitch scandal, just makes me even more sure that this is the right thing to pursue. I already have some *vague* idea of the direction I want to takeand I will start moving towards the first objective soon. (2/2)

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twitch scandal, life objective. 

Descentralization is the answer.
I am just thinking at the amount of data deleted from twitch - without previous warning to the users - due to copyright claims. This IS scary.
Think about all those memories, all those hours invested into making content... *puff*, gone. The irony and hipocrisy from Twitch that made a huge amount of money from ads from those same users, which now have their content deleted.

Nope. Its an European language to make it easier for you.

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