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On this video, its me using STM32CubeIDE, connected directly to the board vis USB in debug mode, manipulating -directly- the register on the board that controls the green led to turn it off and on 🤯. Might not seem much from the video, but just taking in the fact that you can manipulate the CPU and its peripherals directly like that is something that amazes me. Video here:

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So, I have been wanting to learn embedded development for years, and this year I decided to do so, wasn't very happy with the whole proprietary experience of Microchip and ended up following the advice of a good friend and look into the stm32 boards.
Bought one and installed their free and open-source IDE, been following a course in Udemy for embedded development and I am astonished by how powerful and easy the tools are! 1/n

Ingenuity: A Mini-Helicopter Now on Mars

Illustration Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, Mars 2020 - Perseverance #APoD
Streets of Rage 1 - Remastered Original Soundtrack
Vibinug to one of the top3 games OST of all time on my list, easy.

Excellent info, im just starting to learn how to program microcontrollers and I find that this is a great intro, thanks for all the posts so far, ive been following them closely :)

@polarity instructions confusing, gonna over shit and don't think about it

@lupyuen Totally true, been diagnosing lots of electronics that I had in the shelf to try to fix them lately :)

Please note, despite the keynote mentioning the t-shirt shop, we still have some issues with the t-shirt sales. So please refrain of trying to order a t-shirt yet. We'll report later when it's up... This year there is no rush as there are no limits to the amount of shirts :)

We are still urgently looking for some more volunteers for the hosting task, If you intend to watch a specific talk and the Q&A you can help out!

Thanks! I indeed noticed the casual crash with 0.18 when I was fiddling with some options there but not too annoying fortunately, might start and use 0.19 if it becomes really bad, but for the time being it works fine.

You can see the current iteration, which is definitely not the last one.
Some improvement needed on the holder part right in front of the cage of the fan and need to start thinking how will I attach the fan grill and the carbon filter there.

(you need to zoom out to see it)

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Another bunch of hours around the solder fume extractor project.
Been looking at Youtube tutorials for FreeCAD the last few days and tonight I've put aside some hours to practice what I have been watching.
I am quite happy with the result, managed to learn a lot of new things, and making the designs 'mathematically correct' gives me the good feels.
Changed my design to hold the fan to a 'round' design, as this way the flow will be free.

Glue different 3dparts will be then, , making custom fittings is too advanced for me at the moment.

Help, I think im too deep on the freecad hole and cannot come back. ATM looking to read an MIT paper on how to best design click fit so that I find the best way to fit two different parts together.

OOf, I think I pushed already the limits of what tinkercad can do with 3d designs. Off to learn freecad I guess. If anyone wants to have a look at what I have designed so far, this is all for the fume extractor that I am tinkering with:

(Zoom out when opening one of the STL)

Just sketched my first 3d design for the solder fume extractor that I am building, that was super fcking fun. Now to wait a load of time to print and see if I managed to measure and calculate everything properly so that things at least fit together and I can start to work on the 2nd iteration.

@sev that's such a neat drone, I should really get into building them

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