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Booked my 2021 vacations. Hope things are back to normal by then and we can enjoy some swimming, beach and recharge time.

As I continue my journey with Olympic Weightlifting after years of barely doing any demanding physical activity, I find that some parts of my body hurts constantly, depending on the training session.

Sometimes it hurts to lift my kids, sometimes to pick up something from the floor, other times just doing certain movements hurts.

I do see the improvements as I slowly feel stronger and can lift a tad bit heavier on my training sessions.

But damn, being constantly in pain is annoying.

Portuguese Covid tracking app rant 

How can one minimally trust that our privacy is secure when the government cannot even launch a wordpress site properly?

The Portuguese government wants somehow to show off that they are modern, by sharing the app code after much pressure, but they are constantly shooting themselves in the foot, they dont know how to deal with IT at a governmental level, and this shows, and makes me sad.

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Portuguese Covid tracking app rant 

So, it seems that the website for the tracking application redirects to the wordpress login page, you can verify this now @

There have been lots of pushback as the code was also published and raised many many concerns over its security specially private data sharing with apple / google. You can see the issues raised on the official github of the app here:

I am now addicted to guanciale. Making every dish as an excuse to use this Italian delicacy.

Doing weightlifting has been rewarding, I can feel the improvement on each training session, although I'm doing mostly mobility exercises with barely any weight so far
I already feel the benefits of it and the tiny differences on improving my posture.
Im very motivated due to mostly being training with a very small group and the trainer being a very knowledgeable person as well as a motivator to push you forward.
I've never had any of those before, so will make the most out of it while I can.

Today at 14:00 CEST / 12:00 UTC we'll be streaming NLNOG Live! There will be talks about privacy, finances, BGP, and out-of-band management! (no registration, no zoom, just click to join)

I love the antenna sitting on top of a rusty rim, very cyberpunkish vibes righ there.

I have always wanted to setup something like this where I live, mostly for file-sharing and internet-sharing services, one could share his internet with a ton of neighbors and share the bill + high network connectivity between us all the time.

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"Imagine all the extraordinary things we'll be able to do once computers have literally hundreds of CPU cores!"


raw meat, bbq 

Today's lunch in three parts😋 Picanha is my favourite meat to grill on the bbq, its easy, not too expensive and super delicious. Onwards to strawberries as desert and enjoy the sunny filled saturday!

Oooof, I'm starting to train olympic weightlifting and I felt such a kick in the ego, seeing people half your weight lifting way more than you, with proper technique, can be a bit ... disappointing on oneself. How did I let myself become so weak? Gonna be a long journey now to get better, and see how far can I reach 💪

A friendly reminder that the @peertube campaign is still running until complete.

If you want:
- better overall UX and global search
- better moderation tools
- plug-ins, playlists
- live streaming

please consider donating to the campaign. Each contribution matters, even the smallest ones.

Thanks for helping making the internet a better place!

Really enjoyed the vibe and attention - specially for a noob like me - on this gym. Went to do a tryout lesson on olympic lifting and I think I found myself a new sport! My legs are shattered but I'm feeling pretty good about the experience. Feels good that things are slowly getting back to normal as well.

I run a single userinstance federated with a couple of instances - I have currently about 80G on the media folder data. I trim data older than 2 days. Is this normal? Any tips to keep this amount of storage used by mastodon under control?

Long thread - 10 years in The Netherlands. 

Reflecting back on all of these 10(!) years, it has been quite a ride with tons of mostly good experiences, I am very thankful and honored to have been so welcomed by this country and providing me a life that I would not been able to dream of back in Portugal. Hartelijk bedankt.

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Long thread - 10 years in The Netherlands. 

Support for families.
I have never imagined starting my own family until I moved here.
Families have lot of support since the woman is pregnant until the children are 18 years old.
There is lot of social security support in terms of public services like schools and libraries are all for free.
Although each adult pays around 100 euros per month for the basic health insurance, the healthcare infrastructure are modern and efficient.

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